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Our sessions will lean on our learning from history, will argue the status of the present and will speculate, conjure dreams of where we are all going as ethnicities, societies and communities across borders, boundaries and confines of countries or continents.

Multiculturism as Design Value

Social values and collaborative initiatives lead the age of globalization, bringing creative minds together from different cultures & ethnicities in creating a cohesive design ecosystem.

Revitalising Artisanal Legacy

Energising traditional skills to reimagine, reinforce and rebuild the creative economy generating value and respect to the artisans they richly deserve.

Imagination & Creative Cycle

Designers today are directly impacting economies and have influenced human perception. These critical efforts have created a vision of emerging human needs to ring in new economies and potential opportunities.

New Business Domains

Widening design horizons encourages entrepreneurial acumen that holds promise of a new world of taking risks, lateral thinking, cross-disciplinary approach and fertile imagination.


While nations detox from the several actions of our past, we gather to share our imaginations of what the future might hold.

Don Norman

Distinguished Professor (emeritus) and Director of the Design Lab | Co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group

Surya Vanka

Founder of Authentic Design & Former Director UX Design at Microsoft

Adam Kallish

Adjunct faculty member at IIT Institute of Design (ID)

Neelam Chibber

Co-Founder & Managing Trustee at Industree Foundation & Mother Earth

Pradyumna Vyas

Board Member - World Design Organization; Former Director - National Institute of Design & Chairperson, Academic Council - ISDI

Meena Krishna

Dean - Academic Administration & Faculty Affairs, ISDI

4PM – 10PM
4PM – 10PM
December 12, 2020
4:00 pm

Inaugural Session - The Business of Design
12 December
Time:  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

4pm: Keynote Address by Dr Indu Shahani

Pradyumna Vyas will give an overview of the rapid growth of the design industry in India and spotlight the emerging opportunities for young designers.

Geeta Suthar will discuss design values that drive innovation, the future of technologies, megatrends, its impact and promise to serve new business domains.

5:30 pm

Inclusivity & Social Innovation
12 December
Time:  5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Neelam Chibber will share her initiatives in inclusive entrepreneurship and the power of networks in achieving global goals of empowerment through design led interventions.

Sonam Tashi Gyaltsen will share insights on emerging pathways of collaboration, incubation and acceleration to build resilient creative mountain economies.

7:00 pm

Design Perspectives for a Better World
12 December
Time:  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Surya Vanka will share how the Design Swarms platform aligns collective creativity and design thinking to address challenges of the future.

Adam Kallish will share his provocative arguments and reflections on navigating the chaos of unintended consequences and the future of human condition.

8:30 pm

Future of Design Education & Practice
12 December
Time:  8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Don Norman will share his unique perspectives on the nuances of human behaviour and its impact on new frontiers of learning and the future of design education.

Karel Vredenburg will share his depth of wisdom on perspectives that drive innovation to create human-centred solutions using deep end technologies and design acumen.

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The sessions in broad brushstrokes would cover multi-culturalism in the sense of design values that drive innovation and the creative economy. We would discuss the future of technologiesmegatrends and its impact and promise to serve new business domains and the ever widening design horizon. All of this in the context of unraveling the possibilities in creating education processes for tomorrow to discuss learning, knowledge-systems, students’ interests and the professions of the future.